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  • Staff of 15 people

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  • Over 3,500 robots run

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  • Average income 20% per month

  • Minimum deposit 200$

  • Quick deposit and withdrawal of funds

  • Affiliate website as a gift!

The robot is trending using its own indicator.

The robot works on ticks, this gives it the opportunity to make a decision in a matter of milliseconds, at any turn in the price of buy or sell, the robot reacts and enters the market more accurately.

Averaging made very competently averages the price reversal thereby reducing the drawdown and making it more likely to close the transaction, if for some reason (and this is the market) the price has not reached and reversed again, the robot closes this (open order) in + but to a smaller volume since the price has not reached. This reduces drawdown and does not pull orders) it works very effectively.

Also, the activation function of the trailing stop for the grid of orders and one order. Stoploss for a trailing stop and profit level in points for activating a trailing stop from a breakeven point.

Shark Trader Bot ™⠀- the best that will be today.

What brokers do we work with

  • Why do we work with Forex4you?

    More than 10 years as a leading Forex broker

    Licensed and Regulated by FSC

    More than a million accounts worldwide 5 asset classes with over 150 CFD instruments

    Exclusive performance thanks to proprietary technologies

    The annual audit from KPMG

    Multiple trading platforms: MetaTrader 4, Forex4you WebTrader and Forex4you Desktop

  • Why do we also work with the RoboForex broker?

    Advantages of the Roboforex broker:

    1. Trading leverage up to 1: 2000

    2. Commission for deposit and withdrawal is zero

    3. Cash back

    4. Over 900 thousand trading accounts opened

    5. Bonus up to 50% on deposit

    6. Website in 18 languages

    7. 5 equalizing affiliate program

    8. Ability to copy transactions

    9. The ability to invest in versatile strategies

    10. Regulated activity with IFSC / 60/271 / TS license

    11. Segregated accounts in the largest banks in the world

    12. Reliability is proven by more than 9 years of flawless work

    13. Trading robots are encouraged!

    14. Trading platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader

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We have only positive reviews

  • Alexander, good day. I want to say thank you very much for your work and that you are helping to achieve goals. I was always looking for ways to new sources of income and you helped me with this by discovering a completely new tool for me

    - Alex

  • For me this is a discovery, I never could have thought that earning passively is so easy. For those who are really looking for passive income online, the multicurrency robot is for you. Very easy to use.


  • I love to travel, and money is always needed for this, but I found salvation, this robot is just a miracle, I can withdraw the money it earned on the stock exchange at least every day, hooray thanks to Alexander and the team, I recommend everyone to get such a tool

    - Maria

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How much should you invest?

There is no specific figure, the minimum deposit in the system is from $ 150. But personally, my advice is to put $ 200 and more on a deposit. Since about 104 orders will be opened in the market at the same time, this is a load on the deposit.

The robot trades with the help of 5 currency pairs at the same time, and there is pressure on the deposit, if there is a very small balance, it will not be able to open orders with a normal lot size.

In any case, the more you deposit, the more money you earn. The robot trades 24/5, and on weekends you can safely withdraw the earned money or increase the deposit. It is the perfect passive income tool.

What are the guarantees?

You need to understand that this is Forex trading, and no one can give written guarantees

If you are a person who cannot afford even 1% risk, then I’ll say right away that this project is not for you, I don’t want to work with people whom you are already helping to earn, but they require 100% guarantees for success.

Better keep your money under your pillow. Investment is always a risk, in this project, it is minimized thanks to a smart robot and gentle settings

How much profit does the robot make per month?

It all depends on the market and on the movement in it. For the frequent forex market is very lively for this there is always movement! Shark Trader Bot earns when the trend is going and earns when the market is flat

The robot trades with the help of five currency pairs at the same time, this gives a great advantage, since 5 currency pairs give good volatility.

The Shark Trader Bot multicurrency robot makes from 20% to 30% of the deposit per month.